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With confidence, Amen, I’m a large number and it is all I can do to keep me straight, however guess what I don’t have time to judge you or condemn you cuz I’m too busy attempting to maintain myself straight. Alright and your job is not to judge or condemn anyone else. Sitting beside your job is to not listen to me proper now and go. I positive hope my spouse is hearing this nicely. I sure hope my husband is right here this man. that’s not your job most individuals when they hear preaching and preaching starts.


The preacher, the singer, the teacher and all people wants to be out there within the spotlight, but I and I use this uh this analogy before and I used it in Sunday college whenever venture capital and private equity email list for b2b marketing you go in you. Play You go down right here to TJC otherwise you go to Civic Theater one of those and you see a play. The lights uh get the props on and off stage uh make certain everybody’s in the proper spot.

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but I’m right here to inform you if we’re all simply real with one another. Most of us probably ain’t gonna make it to ninety Amen. You know you might get 7585 you may get ninety years. And I was at the beginning existed.
I created every little thing and that is exhausting for you and I to wrap our mind around because everything in your life in my life has a beginning and an ending and guess what that is simply an ending to what’s short-term. most significantly along with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ seated on the throne, Amen and. That all the excite everybody within the room so you need not fear demise. If you understand this life is just short-term death. you don’t have to worry as a result of death is solely adore from what’s temporary right now to what’s for all of eternity.
Everybody in here most likely will get a vision of Oh nicely that’s the preacher’s job. I’m gonna go all the way in which around the room. you are called you’re known as you might be referred to as you might be referred to as you are called you are known as you might be referred to as you are referred to as you are called you might be referred to as everybody in this room.
I’m not fairly certain what’s your purpose is that is your job to figure that out for you. I’m still I’m still engaged on mine. You have to work on yours now the issue in church so much. Is we can’t be about everybody else’s enterprise except our own business? I’m too busy trying to keep Mark Trammell straight.
God did not call all of us to preach the word of God. Amen and God did not name everyone to the music.
You know with everything we’re going via you might say nicely, Mark I don’t know if God’s good. God is God within the midst of the trials and the tribulations if he’s also God of the mountain prime Amen.
There’s a director that needed to put the entire thing together. so there are uh no less than twice to a few times as many individuals behind the scenes to make that play happen. however all people desires to be the primary actor, however guess what it do not happen.


Guy or any of these issues and I’m here to inform you today the Bible. According to the Bible, We are all referred to as and the Bible makes use of this terminology the body of Christ they usually even use the terminology of uh your your bodily physique. Some of you are the nostril or the eyes. now the very fact the matter is everyone. If we get slightly bit stuffed with ourselves, we all wanna be the primary features.
but regardless, your story is very near somebody else’s story and somebody needs to hear your precise story. People do not want one other uh Sunday school lesson. We obtained plenty of those they usually’ll get that if they come, they do not even want another sermon. I will I’ll be glad to preach a sermon, however not all people really, you understand what folks want people want the hope of. And the hope of a life change by Jesus and also you inform your story will get that time throughout Amen.
educating is nice, however guess what that is not. But here is what persons are on the lookout for my life’s a multitude and I need some hope and I want somebody to tell me that there’s some hope in Jesus. So that is precisely what we have to do. you need to know that you just had been created to do one thing significant.
Uh I positive hope the man behind me is listening to this. I sure hope my I’m positive hope my children are listening to this and that’s not what needs to be on. Here’s what must be on your thoughts every Sunday. I need to hear this and Lord speak to me about this subject. That’s all you have to be concerned about.
So you see your life in heaven is gonna make this life regardless of what number of years you get. It’s gonna make Ken’s brother’s ninety years seem like a drop within the bucket. It’s gonna be nothing compared to his eternity in heaven. That’s why brother would not worry death.
Brother Randy exhibits up at 32 years old and his life gets modified. So guess what brother Randy’s story will reach somebody else in a. Situation now I received to say once I was a young person so my story is gonna be perhaps extra geared to anyone who’s uh a teenager or uh perhaps these issues.
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As Featured in I let you know mark Trams life is a handful. It’s all I can handle keep mark Trammel straight so I cannot digital marketing and advertising agency email list seo agencies reside your life. so I’m undecided what God’s known as you to do.
God did not name everybody to be a trainer and so uh those are these are type of chosen things, but guess what God referred to as all people in here to have the ability to share their story. If you bear in mind my sermon from last week, we all have a story to tell and you do not have to be a great. Scholar you need not have gone to seminary all you have to know is I’ve met Jesus and this is how Jesus changed my life and that is all you should know if your life’s been modified by Jesus, you bought a story. The church, you know brother Randy was right here and I use him for instance he stumbles within the church at 32 years old after an entire 32 years of simply partying drinking not taking note of God. someone opens up their mouth and he is courageous enough to ask him to Landmark Baptist Church back in the early 90s.

We get to get pleasure from it for a few months, then covid-nineteen reveals up. We should shut down and begin doing uh companies on-line.
Wouldn’t we all like to be the eyeballs where we see every thing occurring Amen? It’s on the entrance of the face smells everything occurring Amen, however guess what somebody must be the large toe anyone in here really feel such as you’re a big toe. now you do not wanna see my big toe. I obtained some ugly toes, Amen, however guess what and I’ve said this earlier than. Do you understand that may affect your entire balance of your entire body?

  • If he’s the God of the mountain prime then he is also the God of the Valley when we’ve to go to the Valley.
  • You know with every thing we’re going via you could say well, Mark I do not know if God’s good.
  • God is God within the midst of the trials and the tribulations if he is additionally God of the mountain top Amen.

Even on just one foot, it’ll affect your complete balance of your body. so you might not like being a big toe, however guess what you start lacking the massive toe.
everyone in this room is called Amen. We are all called now most people think well. That’s how you talk concerning the preacher or the music man or.
Uh then issues begin to open again up. Come back in, but actually what ‘m telling you is the entire time. I’ve been here that God is gonna put me right here.

Uh no. that’s not what I’m referred to as to do. I’m referred to as to rightly divide the word of God and uh that’s why I try to stay away from my opinions and stick as close to the word of God as I can cuz the Bible says that God. God is similar yesterday at present and forever, and he says that his word will remain. it will not return void and uh his his word is what I want to stay near so I’m gonna attempt to offer you God’s opinion not Mark Trams Opinion. I talked about sharing our religion as a result of you understand what happened was once I took over as pastor somewhat over a yr in the past, uh we’re in the middle of building this building.
uh we’re in the course of uh simply Uh attempting to type of rejuvenate. Landmark and brother had been sick and simply various things going on and so actually we kinda spent the first uh the primary a number of months trying consumer appliances email list and business marketing data to just maintain and construct issues back up and then attempting to get this building built. we finally get the constructing constructed uh and then Uh covid-nineteen exhibits up.
now many people why they worry death is as a result of they imagine that after this life is over, that’s it and I wanna I’m right here to inform you at present if that. Belief you have to change that perception right now, you understand why I do not have to concern dying. It’s as a result of I imagine that this life right here is temporary what number of years do you get here on earth. If you are fortunate, you know some people that’s fixing to celebrate his ninetieth birthday ain’t that right brother. uh if you’re lucky, you might get ninety years, Amen.
Those people doing their behind-the-scenes work, so that is what I’m telling you right now. Everybody here is known as not all people’s known as to be the preacher. I guarantee you weren’t known as to be the preacher.


God didn’t intend for you to stay that method. You don’t have to worry dying since you give your life to me and I promise you you’ve obtained it for all of eternity. When this life passes you bought a complete another luggage and travel bags retailers email list life and it lasts for all of eternity. As a warm up, Amen, what I’m gonna tell you at present is you have to share your religion as a result of we are all referred to as now when I say you’re called.
Listen The preacher’s uh job is to rightly divide the word of reality like I mentioned, and it is to equip the saints. ‘s from the Bible that the preacher job is to equip the saints to go out and share the gospel so. We have the hope of Jesus Christ. uh we don’t need to worry dying uh it as much as. People are very frightened of demise right now.

To you, however my job is to not provide you with my opinion. I used to assume that is what preachers did I used to take a look at preachers Think that’d be sort of enjoyable have a bunch of individuals not be capable of discuss back and provides your opinion to him for 3040 minutes.
If he’s the God of the mountain top then he also is the God of the Valley when we have to go to the Valley. I do not know what you’re going via at present, however I’ve received excellent news for you. You do not want my opinion that if you want it as I’ve mentioned, you’ll be able to come ask for it.
You may be 1516 years old and concern of dying. Listen, that is gonna lock you up if you’re 1516 and even in your 20s, 30s or 40s and also you go around having an extreme fear of dying.
You have a divine future and no matter how a lot you earn it doesn’t matter what measurement house you live in it doesn’t matter what sort of car you drive, no matter what number of Twitter. You have or Instagram followers or Facebook followers. Your life was created for a function.
Amen and you might look back and say we’ve heard you talk to and we predict the identical factor. Uh I I’ve I feel called to do this and I consider God called me to do this, but not everybody known as to do this. What if all people within the room was a preacher? Can I just let you know as a preacher? Be pitiful cuz preachers as a basic rule like to listen to themselves discuss and like everybody else shut up and listen what if we were all attempting to talk at the similar time and uh nobody showed up and pay attention.
let’s take a look at our first scripture right here. Ephesians Chapter 4 verse one. We’re gonna see where do you start? I therefore this is uh Paul talking uh in it. To the Ephesians church at Ephesus, I subsequently the prisoner Lord beseech you to walk worthy of the calling with which you had been called now who’s Paul penning this to Breachers nope.

You’re gonna understand it Amen and it’ll throw your entire body off out of whack. Alright Uh listen all people desires to be what I name the spotlight jobs.
Everything’s done and hopefully covid-nineteen is fixing to be on. It’s way out and what I wanna say is that we must be about constructing the home of God, Amen and so last week I talked to you about Sharing your Faith. Now you might look at me and you might say nicely, brother Mark. #cbdflowers ‘s your job and that what you receives a commission for.

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He’s writing it to the church at Ephesus, so that you might as well say he’s penning this to the church at Landmark at Chapel Hill, Texas. So he’s writing to the church, a complete body of believers, not a bunch of preachers and he’s saying you need to stay a life worthy of. Calling with which you were referred to as so I’m taking a look at all people on this room right now, you need to live a life worthy of the calling with which you were known as all people in this room is called alright. so number one you are known as by God know that you have been created for a purpose not an accident.